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Affiliate Marketing – How Do You Become a Super Affiliate?

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Are you an affiliate marketer?

You are not alone. Before the birth of the internet, if you wanted to sell a product or a service, you had a lot less options. The internet and a whole host of easy to use software programs that allow for easy creation of a website have changed how we do business today.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you are an old pro, you can become a super affiliate. The great thing about being an affiliate marketer in this day and age is that you don’t even have to know how to set up your own website if you don’t want to. You can become an affiliate and send traffic to the website set up by the product owner. All you have to know is how to copy and paste links into your ads and articles to send traffic to your link and make money.

But, while you can chose to market your affiliate links in this manner, this is what beginner affiliate markets do. One of the best ways to become a super affiliate is to direct all traffic to YOUR presale site and then forward the customer to the payment link. This way you make sure that you get paid and that the customer doesn’t get directed off to some other page, thereby losing you your affiliate commission.

In order to set up your own page to redirect your customers to, you will need a web host. There are a lot of reasonably priced web hosting plan out there that have user friendly sites. HostGator and Blackwire are just two of them. Both of these hosting services provide good customer support.

Super affiliates dominate one niche at a time. Pick your niche and stick with it until you have conquered it. It is easy to be tempted to jump from affiliate program to affiliate program. But you will lose focus and you won’t make any money from your online marketing efforts.

Super affiliates know how to build lists using squeeze pages to collect names. They then send out special promotions and offers to their list. A good quality list that is not over used will generate you a lot of income. So, use your web hosting to set up squeeze pages and landing pages to direct traffic to your niche products.

Super affiliates also know how to set up membership sites and get people to join them. They then provide free content to their members. They give away reports, software, scripts, newsletters, webinars, etc. to keep people on their list. Their members pay for the fresh content that the super affiliate posts every month. This recurring income really ads to the bottom line over time.

These are just some of the ways that you can become a super affiliate through niche marketing. Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t have any idea where to start? Don’t be. There is help out there if you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing or even if you have just gotten off track and need help getting back on. There are programs out there made just for internet marketing newbies. Just be sure you don’t fall for any “make money fast” internet scams because there is no way to start an internet business and “make fast money”.

Check out this review of Mining Money. This system was created with the beginner in mind. It will take you by the hand and walk you through the process. You can be up and running in no time with this system. CLICK HERE to get the help you need to get started.

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Use Inbound Marketing For Better Sales Results

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First many of you are probably thinking what the heck is inbound marketing? It’s been around for a while but hasn’t had great exposure until recently.

Traditional marketing or “outbound marketing” is blasting your marketing messages outward. It can be in the form of TV commercials, newspaper and magazine adds, direct mail, email marketing and so on. The biggest question that surrounds this traditional method is how do you know your message is being heard?

Inbound marketing is establishing your company or yourself as the “subject matter expert” in your chosen field. You make relevant, timely, and current information, that your potential clients are looking for, available, and they’ll find you. When they do you have a prospect that is directly interested in the products or services you’re offering.

As I said this isn’t a new concept, why then is this just getting exposure? In a word, noise. There is such a glut of information thrown at us everyday it’s impossible to sort through the noise to get at the information we want. We are bombarded with email marketing, TV commercials that we all mute, direct mail that even if excellent provides a 2% hit rate. We are buried with stuff!

It is getting harder and harder to see an acceptable return on investment from traditional marketing methods.

If you can’t get the market’s attention, you can’t get them consider your products or services let alone buy them.

In my book, Bottom Line Focus, I talk about marketing being your platform to educate your market why they need the product or service you are providing, what to look for when they decide to buy in order to get the most value for their money.

The next step toward better sales results is convincing them that with all of the products or services available to them in your particular market, yours is the best value and the obvious choice.

Like someone said long ago, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Update that and to say provide meaningful information and the world will beat a path to your website.

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Network Marketing on Facebook – How to Use Facebook Properly For Network Marketing

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard about Facebook, the popular social networking site. Many network marketers are wanting to leverage Facebook in their business pursuits, but aren’t quite sure how to do it.

There are several ways to use Facebook for profit – the easiest way is with their pay-per click option. Let’s take a look:


The easiest way to get started is to use Facebook’s pay-per-click option. If you select “advertising”, you will be taken to a sign up page where you can create a campaign for direct advertising. The advantage to this is that you are able to target demographics and psycho-graphics that few advertising platforms can offer. What’s more, their user base is growing by the day, which means your market is growing every day.

Some tips to keep in mind are:

- No Replicated Websites. If you try and use your company’s replicated website, you might as well not bother advertising. You need a real website that is designed to get leads or sales if you plan on using FB (or any PPC platform, for that matter).

- Use Relevant, “non-markety” Ads. FB does not allow ads that look like crap. If your ad is “discover how to make lotsa $$$$$$”, your ad will be denied. Give FB too many crappy ads, and they ban your account. Follow their guidelines, and they’ll treat you right.

- Use a bridge page. If you send your traffic directly to your optin site, you run the risk of being shut down. A bridge page is just an intermediary page that the user is taken to after they click your ad. The bridge page connects to your landing page, and that’s how you generate your leads from FB.

The good news with Facebook is that their advertising platform is still dirt-cheap compared to many other advertising networks (Google in particular). Use it properly, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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Direct Sales – What Does it Mean?

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Direct Sales is a method of marketing and selling goods directly to the customer away from a fixed retail location. Direct selling is now the world’s largest provider of part and full time earnings and can be an ideal way of starting your own business and offers unique and rewarding opportunities.

As with any business opportunity is important to choose the right opportunity for you. Here are some considerations to make when making the decision which direct sales business opportunity to choose:

Believe in the product

It is important to choose a business with a product that appeals to you and one that is fairly priced as it is much easier to sell a product that you truly believe in.

Be realistic of your earning potential

Many companies will exaggerate earning potentials. It is important to realise that, as with any other business, a direct sales business will require time, effort and dedication to succeed. However if you are enthusiastic about the product that you are selling then your sales will be easier to achieve.

Keep investment costs low

Good earning opportunities in direct sales generally only require modest investments. It is important therefore not to succumb to invitations to invest large amounts of money into stock. Most reputable companies do not require you to buy goods before you have made any sales to customers.

Generally there are two basic types of direct sales businesses. One is a party plan which involves face to face contact selling products to customers in a party.

The other attractive direct selling business opportunities are internet based businesses. These types of businesses can be hugely successful especially with the continuing growth of the internet search engines. This can offer global opportunities which can earn an income for you even as you sleep.

If you choose an internet based sales opportunity then it is important to ensure that you do not fall prey to businesses that are not genuine direct sales opportunities. One such example is pyramid selling. These companies disguise themselves to look like a legitimate direct sales company but have the following characteristics:

They ask you to make substantial investments in stocks of goods by offering rewards to participants for getting others to do the same.

They also make little reference to direct selling and the need to achieve customer sales. Instead they claim rewards come from getting others to make substantial initial investment.

They do not offer contracts, cancellation rights nor opportunities to buy back unsold goods.

The best internet companies generally are the GPT style companies namely that you get paid today yourself for what you sell.

It is possible to earn a substantial income from direct selling and to build up a long term retirement income. However, as with any business, you will need desire, motivation and commitment to succeed.

Success in a direct sales business will rely on the relationship and trust that you build up with your customers. Once you have made a sale it is important to continue to look after that customer to ensure further sales and ongoing success.

The beauty of direct sales is that it offers the opportunity to work flexible hours and to work from home. This makes is especially attractive to women with family commitments as they can start a business on a part time basis with minimal start up capital. It is an equal opportunity and rewards according to effort and commitment and not based on gender or age. It is even possible to run this business alongside your current job thus ensuring that you continue to earn an additional income while you set up your business.

With direct sales opportunities you can either earn an additional part time income working from home or you can generate a substantial income by working full time in your business. Whatever you choose, your success in direct sales, as in any other business, will be determined by the hard work and commitment that you put into your business.

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The Top Three Things to Know Before Buying Used Directional Drilling Equipment

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As with any decision regarding the purchase of machinery, one must first determine what the equipment’s principal parts are; second, what selection of equipment is available in the marketplace; and third, whether one is able to carefully inspect what’s available. Only in this way can a successful purchase be made. Each of these categories of information is composed of important elements which need to be carefully considered.

Initial information about your new directional drilling equipment should include: which parts it contains, which of these parts wear the most, and all maintenance requirements. Have the maintenance requirements been met? If not, then it’s probably a pass on this item, in order to find a more reliable one that can be in production sooner.

Principal parts include the “walk-over” or “wire line” locating system for the project’s bore head. Other parts which should be on your review list are the transmitter or “sonde,” which needs to be assessed for its age and the number of documentable in-service hours. In evaluating used equipment, make sure your inspection list and service-record review include all components that register angle, rotation, direction or temperature data, as these are going to be your eyes and ears below the surface. They will locate your project’s target and avoid obstacles that can run up the cost of your jobs and thus eat into your profits. Formal servicing records should be provided for such items, and any gaps or missing entries in these records will require further review which may lead to rejection of the equipment.

Certain of the guidelines suggested are, of course, matters of common sense, but they provide an important foundation of basics for review. Overlooking something in the drilling-equipment market can mean the difference between profit and loss on future projects. In other words, get to know the factors that affect your daily life on the job because they are the essentials that can make your business better.

Since some of these components register the electromagnetic signals that translate into meaningful data on a project, their importance cannot be overemphasized. These parts need to be compatible with any hand-held locator device that will be used with the equipment under consideration for purchase, so this section of the checklist needs to be quite thorough. An experienced dealer or operator will understand the importance of this and will know what degree of wear and use is acceptable. Also, it goes without saying that every part in the drill string needs particularly careful review. Both the surface receiver and the wireline systems must be in good condition in order to work with the operator for maximum results.

The time involved in directional drilling, especially with drilling equipment of the horizontal variety, is longer than that of conventional vertical drilling. Other equipment under consideration for purchase will need to be reviewed for compatibility as well as for wear. Such pieces include the pulling power drill, which is used with a reclaimer; any excavator; and any of the numerous pumps and hoses. Others may include

An experienced and reliable dealer who knows this type of equipment can be a great source of assistance. The dealer can help to determine what capacity a particular machine can handle and whether it is right for the work intended.

Remember that your primary concerns should be the principal parts, the job requirements, and the selection available. Next, consider the number of service hours and what the maintenance records show, and weigh all the foregoing information against pricing and whatever servicing and warranties are available for the HDD equipment under consideration.

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Three Giants Who Contributed to Direct Sales

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Nikola Tesla ~ Was born in 1856, nine years before the start of the Civil War. His decades of legal battles with Guglielmo Marconi ended approximately two years into World War Two, nine months after his death in1943. The Supreme Court decided he was the true inventor of radio and the originator of over seven hundred patents.

Edwin Howard Armstrong ~ was born in 1890; his unfortunate suicide in 1954 went basically unnoticed. In the courts he battled Lee Deforest for falsely claiming to have invented the radio tube. RCA ran back and forth within the court system for years. Without his genus the evolution of AM radio, the development of FM radio and the audio portion of TV broadcast, would have been delayed if invented at all.

David Sarnoff ~ Born in Russia in 1891, hustled newspapers on the streets of New York City. His business acumen even at an early age saw him own his own news stand and hire his brother to be the operator. Urban legend and Sarnoff himself laid claim to having manned the wireless during the sinking of the Titanic in 1915.

What do these three men Tesla, Armstrong and Sarnoff, have in common? Tesla provided the basic science, Armstrong furthered the technology until it became feasible and Sarnoff melded it all together to bring commercial radio broadcasting to the general public.

It was quickly ascertained this new medium could not only bring entertainment, sports and current news but opened the door to a huge market for the promotion of almost any product or service. Sponsors rapidly embraced this new technology. Toasters to farm shoes, it made no difference, the cost per household to promote could be measured in fractions of a penny.

Fast forward ~ the end of the twentieth century and the commercial availability of the Internet. The simple function of broadcasting information to the world is almost a matter of fact occurrence. Direct sales or multilevel marketing (MLM), products and services are readily available from multiple vendors at competitive prices. The Internet has an additional feature, it not only allows the prospective buyer to shop for prices, product availability or services, it also permits competitors to compare themselves and their products to other vendors.

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Two Huge Challenges For Affiliate Marketers

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For many people, learning of Affiliate Marketing is extremely exciting. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and without a lot of capital to open a business, the possibilities seem almost endless. At first glance, Affiliate Marketing seems pretty simple. In fact, the concepts ARE simple. However, like so many things in life, while the concepts are “simple”, the implementation of those concepts is not “easy”.

Many many people dive into the murky river of Affiliate Marketing full of excitement but soon find they’re in over their heads! Why is that? The purpose of this article is to identify two of the reasons so many would-be affiliate marketers end up throwing in the towel instead of raking in the money.

Dabblers Beware

Creating a successful business online is the same as creating a successful business offline. I almost called this section “It’s a Business, Dummy!”. That may be a little harsh, but if you’re what I call an online business dabbler, hoping to find your pot of gold handed to you by your own personal rainbow, you need to wake up as quickly as possible (before you’ve spent umpteen dollars with nothing to show for it).

To create a business from scratch requires courage, knowledge, vision, planning, determination and lots of hard work. And it takes time. There are two motivations common to most people which the prospect of an internet business seems to bring out. Those two motivations are GREED and LAZINESS. Most of the ads for products I see play on those emotions. No selling. Just 30 minutes a day. Two clicks and 5K in 5 days! You know what I’m talking about.

Lack of Focus

I mentioned above the phrase “the possibilities seem almost endless”. That’s potentially another HUGE problem for most people. There are so many questions to answer, like: What niche(s) should I sell in?, What products should I market?, Who can I trust?, What “guru” should I listen to?, and the list goes on.

There are so many voices asking you to buy their particular potion, use their particular products, follow their particular path to success. Many of these voices seem authentic, sincere and authoritative (and some of them are). But who to believe? Which direction to follow?

What many do is follow one voice for a while, then get drawn in a different direction from another voice, then a third direction from what seems even more state-of-the-art, and on and on and on. This flitting from one plan to another can be deadly to even the most positive-minded entrepreneur. If you are to build your business, you MUST make choices and stick to them.

There Is Hope!

I’ve outlined two HUGE obstacles to success as an affiliate marketer. However, I do not mean to discourage. I’m merely trying to bring into focus two real issues you should know about so you can take appropriate action to avoid them.

If you’re a dabbler, and hoping you will find a way to make it rich with little effort – you are going to be much better off buying lottery tickets than messing around with Affiliate Marketing. And if you’re prone to flitting from one idea to the next, you must exercise every ounce of will power to stop doing that.

Make your choices wisely and don’t look back. Once you’ve mastered success in ONE niche, and with ONE product, and with ONE method of driving traffic – then you can go on to the next. But not until then.

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Twitter Marketing Service – A Must For Any Company

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Twitter Marketing service is no longer a choice for any internet business, charity induce or political business that’s seriously interested in getting noticed on the internet or web. In order to improve the presence of your online business, cause or political organization, you cannot manage to ignore social media such as Twitter anymore. Since there are tens of thousands of individuals seeing your tweets, clicking on your URL’s and placing you in their folder is one great way of creating organic traffic for long-term success.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allows you to upload short messages of less than 140 characters through various mediums like IM, cell phones and the web. It’s a social element as well. It enables customers to befriend and monitor each other’s messages or updates. What you possess is publishing tool that may be either public or private. It is comparable to an IRC channel though messages are displayed much less rapidly. Some have referred to it as a slower version of internet messengers.

Twitter gives you a fragmented knowledge of views, events, news, ideas and feedback mostly because it is organised to accommodate non-contextual functionality. You can simply follow thousands of users and listen in and enter into conversations conducted among several users at any point. And this is generally the situation. However, Twitter can be definitely used as software to drive out messages that capitalize on the interest you’re receiving through other users. This involves active user engagement. Apart from its use as an info source and advertising device, Twitter is also a communication platform for individuals and their personal social networks. This form of usage is called ambient intimacy. Ambient intimacy is all about being able to keep in touch with individuals with a level of frequency and intimacy that you wouldn’t generally gain access to since time and space conspires to make it not possible. It helps us obtain to know people who might otherwise be only colleagues. It makes us feel closer to people we care for however in whose lives we’re not able to engage in as closely as we would like. Knowing these details creates intimacy.

There have been a lot of content on how Twitter may be used for advertising purposes and many of them may be condensed to the simple intent of tracking and directing attention. Twitter allows you to monitor how influencers imagine or feel. You can also slip into their attention zone through active networking. For companies, Twitter is another channel which links current and potential prospects with your merchandise or brand. It permits deeply infiltration into the lifestyles of interested participants. This helps to build brand persistence and respect.

Twitter marketing service is a task that involves two-way audience engagement, on the part of the marketer or business owner. Somehow, this is a good thing.In its most apparent form, Twitter can be seen as a traffic generation device. The keeping of links within profiles and conversations can direct visitors to a specific website and is specifically powerful if you pitch to first adopters and influencers. As a direct acquisition instrument, it doesn’t always attain the crowd you wish. Most Twitter consumers are relatively web savvy and it is extremely difficult to target a specific subset of the normal group and determine their degree of possible interest.

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Search Engine Marketing For Your Online Business Part 2

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Search engine marketing for your online business is a process and once they get to your website, you better have a great funnel.

There are 3 things that will control the power:

Direct Response-Anything that is created to get more response out of your offer, which is a strong call to action.
Persuasion-Meeting your prospect on common ground, connecting with them and your sales pitch.
Navigation-How a person navigates your website, be conscious of how you are leading them.
The direct response is all about telling someone exactly what you want them to do. If you are building a list tell them how you can be of help, then direct them to put in their name and email address (for example). If you were just telling them about your offer without a call to action, they would be hanging high and dry not knowing exactly what to do next. People want direction, so give it to them!

Persuasion is just what it sounds like. If you have ever been in sales, you have persuaded someone to buy something from you. By the keywords you chose, their intent in their search and your ad copy, they should be ready to buy.

Have you ever landed on a website and you were completely clueless as to where to go? I know I have and its very frustrating. Nothing makes since and you think you are going to a certain tab for a specific reason and apparently the host doesn’t think anything like you.

This gives them a bad experience. The search engines, Google particularly, want their searchers to have a good experience. If they don’t, you will soon be slapped.

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The Demonizing of Network Marketing

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I doubt that there is a more lightening rod issue than network marketing. There seems to be no gray area, no middle ground: you are either for it or against it.

The reality is network marketing in its most basic form is simply another business model to bring products from point “A” (the manufacturer) to point “C” (the consumer). There is nothing involving marketing or business voodoo with that.

As a matter of fact, if manufacturers could go directly to consumers (“A” > “C”) cutting out the middlemen (such as their wholesalers and retailers) wouldn’t they do so? Think of the additional profits they could pocket that must be paid out in getting their products into consumers’ hands.

With nearly 310 million consumers in the US alone, a business model designed to direct ship to each one of us would be impossible. So products flow through a chain involving a point “B” which mostly involves products going through wholesalers and retailers. However, some products (and services) are distributed through another point “B”: we network marketers.

I rarely hear of anyone nearly going into cardiac arrest should you discuss traditional forms of point “B” product distribution (wholesalers and retailers). Frequently I hear of we network marketers being frowned upon principally by family and friends simply because we offer products (or services) directly to consumers which is outside of the traditional channel of product distribution.

You might be the most knowledgeable Beauty Control cosmetic consultant on planet earth having attended many seminars yet your sister-in-law would prefer to get the advice of some bubble gum snapping, part-timer at her local pharmacy’s cosmetic counter. Go figure.

What amazes me more than anything is when we as network marketers are demonized yet traditional forms of marketing and product distribution are not.
When we see a Walmart trailer barreling down the highway loaded with products we all want, do we look at it with disdain? Do we say I had a cousin who’s next door neighbor’s aunt went into one of those Walmart stores and bought enough fishing poles to fill her entire garage and that’s where they sit to this very day? Yet how many times have we heard that I know someone who knew someone who had a cousin who bought enough soap from one of those network marketing companies to fill up his entire garage?

The fact is network marketing is simply a different model to distribute products or services from point “A” (manufacture) to point “C” (consumer). Anyone who has a problem with that: get over it.

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