Affiliate Marketing – How Do You Become a Super Affiliate?

Are you an affiliate marketer?

You are not alone. Before the birth of the internet, if you wanted to sell a product or a service, you had a lot less options. The internet and a whole host of easy to use software programs that allow for easy creation of a website have changed how we do business today.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you are an old pro, you can become a super affiliate. The great thing about being an affiliate marketer in this day and age is that you don’t even have to know how to set up your own website if you don’t want to. You can become an affiliate and send traffic to the website set up by the product owner. All you have to know is how to copy and paste links into your ads and articles to send traffic to your link and make money.

But, while you can chose to market your affiliate links in this manner, this is what beginner affiliate markets do. One of the best ways to become a super affiliate is to direct all traffic to YOUR presale site and then forward the customer to the payment link. This way you make sure that you get paid and that the customer doesn’t get directed off to some other page, thereby losing you your affiliate commission.

In order to set up your own page to redirect your customers to, you will need a web host. There are a lot of reasonably priced web hosting plan out there that have user friendly sites. HostGator and Blackwire are just two of them. Both of these hosting services provide good customer support.

Super affiliates dominate one niche at a time. Pick your niche and stick with it until you have conquered it. It is easy to be tempted to jump from affiliate program to affiliate program. But you will lose focus and you won’t make any money from your online marketing efforts.

Super affiliates know how to build lists using squeeze pages to collect names. They then send out special promotions and offers to their list. A good quality list that is not over used will generate you a lot of income. So, use your web hosting to set up squeeze pages and landing pages to direct traffic to your niche products.

Super affiliates also know how to set up membership sites and get people to join them. They then provide free content to their members. They give away reports, software, scripts, newsletters, webinars, etc. to keep people on their list. Their members pay for the fresh content that the super affiliate posts every month. This recurring income really ads to the bottom line over time.

These are just some of the ways that you can become a super affiliate through niche marketing. Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t have any idea where to start? Don’t be. There is help out there if you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing or even if you have just gotten off track and need help getting back on. There are programs out there made just for internet marketing newbies. Just be sure you don’t fall for any “make money fast” internet scams because there is no way to start an internet business and “make fast money”.

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