How to Effectively Become a Recognized Leader in the Direct Selling Profession

If your desire is to become a “recognized leader” within the direct selling industry, the first thing that I recommend that you do is find people within the profession who are already recognized leaders and begin to emulate them.

The benefits of observing and emulating existing recognized leaders are as follows:

  • If all goes well, you will adopt the key to success, which is a wealth mentality.
  • You will eliminate the “need” mentality from your framework. I.e. I need to recruit people; I need people to join my business etc…
  • You will learn to let people’s criticism just roll off your back.
  • You will learn the art of posturing.
  • You will learn to say “no.” This is a result of having adopted the wealth mentality and the realization that it is not possible for you to please everyone.
  • You will understand the power of loyalty and begin to uplift and improve the lives of those around you for no other reason than you want to.
  • You will begin (if you have not already) to take care of yourself. Daily improvement of your body through a healthy lifestyle will take a leading role. This lifestyle will be further enhanced by the way you dress and present yourself in public.
  • You will become very confident, outgoing and will no longer suffer from a low self-esteem.
  • You will acquire s strong physical presence and move with poise and purpose.
  • You will begin to talk confidently and control a conversation without any fear of interrupting the other person.
  • You will begin to protect your most valuable resource, which is your time. Only those that deserve it will be given it.

The key to becoming a recognized leader in the direct selling profession is to become valuable to others. The more valuable you are to others, the more people will seek you out.

So, how does one do this?

The answer can be found in well known saying in the direct selling industry, “Leaders are Readers.”

There is not fast way to become a recognized leader, so don’t look for one.

If your desire is to have people seek you out like other recognized leaders do, you must increase your value to these people through education and experience.

Hint: It really does not take a lot to increase your value in the eyes of s prospect, all you need to do is know just a bit more than they do about building a home-based business.

In the end, your success in the direct selling profession comes down to just TWO things:

  1. Becoming a leader to others by increasing your value.
  2. The ability to express your value to prospects through marketing.

There are no short-cuts.

Your next action: Buy and read every single book you can get your hands on.

In my next article entitled, “What is My True Business as a Direct Selling Professional?” I will explore the much overlooked truth about your business.

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