How to Use Color in Your Direct Marketing Campaign

One of the most powerful elements of design when it comes to marketing materials, such as flyers and brochures, is color. Every single person associates certain colors with elements in nature. Some colors are more energizing and in-your-face, while others are soothing and less obtrusive.

Using color properly will draw people to your marketing materials and entice them to look and read further. It even increases the reader comprehend the ad better. Using color properly in your direct marketing campaign is a key component in making it more successful.

When designing marketing materials, keep in mind that the right use of color is more important that the texture or finish of the paper, but not more important than the actual text used. The text on your direct marketing materials is crucial. But, color will draw people in to read the text. Read on for more information about the psychology of colors and how to best utilize color in your direct marketing campaign.


Blue is a safe choice. There is no downside to using the color blue and it’s the easiest one to add to marketing materials. People tend to associate the color blue with the sky and the ocean, which are both positive things. It releases chemicals into the body that makes you feel calm. Of course, this depends on the shade of blue. A really bright blue or icy cool blue may not have the same benefits so avoid both of those shades of blue.

Feel free to use the color blue for your headline. This color tends to print well, as long as you use a reputable print company. Use it to highlight key points in your advertisement or materials.


Orange is bold and vibrant. It is a flamboyant color and tends to inspire energy. People don’t use orange enough when advertising on flyers or direct mail brochures. Perhaps the bold nature makes people hesitant to use it. Don’t be scared of this strong color! Avoid using too much of it but incorporate it into your materials to get attention. Orange is fine for headlines and for emphasis throughout flyers or brochures.


Green is associated with fertility, good luck and harmony. Avoid lime green when putting together marketing materials as it’s just too jarring to the eyes and causes people to look away from something rather than look towards it. A lovely dark forest green has a masculine quality. It’s especially effective if the demographic that you’re targeting is men.


Read is like a “pow” to your senses. You can’t ignore it! It is a powerful color to use for things that you want to emphasize. The eye will always look at the color red first before anything else on the page. It is the color of vitality and energy. Consider using it for headlines or for contact information, wherever you want to create emphasis.

Use color strategically in your direct marketing efforts. They should help improve them and pay off in big dividends. It’s important that the materials are high quality, with saturated color. Make sure to work with a reputable printing company for optimal results.

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