Ineffective Offline Marketing Strategies

When most business owners go out to market their business, they usually don’t know where to begin. Some business owners have heard that cold calling works; that going door to door works, and that they need to start a telemarketing agency to call each prospect that they receive in attempt to sell them on their products.

But all of this is nonsense.

Cold calling is something that I don’t recommend doing. I’ve been on both sides of the field. When I first started my direct mail business a few years back, I had no idea of how to market via direct mail. I would hope that each campaign was going to bring back an influx of new customers, but instead I went an entire month without making any sales.

Then that’s when I turned to cold calling. I would call up business owners randomly out of the phonebook, and try to sell my services to them. This attempt failed for me also. At that point, I was thinking about just going out and working a normal job. But the thought of that made me cringe, but at that point I had no other options.

The job that I would go on to acquire is this collection agency’s call center. The was a fairly large facility, and I figured I could do since I’m sitting down all day and not doing any physical labor. (yeah, I’m lazy like that).

Yet unfortunately, my days as a collections rep were number. After my first 2 months there, they fired me due to lack of performance. So that completely stopped my cash flow, and I would have to develop a plan for getting a job and bring some income back into my life.

But one quick note: While I was working at the collections agency, I learned and heard some of the rejections, questions, and negatively when we would call out to people. They were either busy, had no money, or simply didn’t want to pay at this point in time. I learned a lot from that job, but the biggest thing that I learned was that for all of this calling and persuading that I had to do, it was all for just $9 an hour.

I don’t know about you, but in today’s economy, $9 an hour is simply not getting it done. With the rising costs of gas, food, electricity, and other expenses, you need to have a steady, predictable income that is going to last you through tough times.

After I got fired from my collections agency job, I turned back to business because so that I can stay in business for the long term, and not to satisfy a boss who could care less about your interests and goals. That is why you want to do whatever it takes to close someone as doing business with you.

Just like how Kobe Bryant is considered the “best closer” in the game of basketball, you need to be the best closer in your business also. Don’t believe in the hype that having your own business brings upon. Measure your success like I do by the number of leads that you get on a daily basis – because your leads do in fact have a worth. It’s just up to you on how you want to capitalize on this lead.

Hopefully you will use these tips to make more money in your business.

Good luck with using these options for having success in your business.

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