Is Your Baby Smart? And Why Network Marketing is the Greatest Thing to Happen Thus Far in Your Life!

So I will admit it, I like to work!

Some times I like to work in different locations, places, and cities.

Today, I decided to sit down at Panera (restaurant/coffee place). There are two distinct things that I am grateful for: 1. I know that none of my kids are going to be what the GENERAL population considers “smart” 2. Network Market/Direct Sales is the best thing to EVER happen to me!

Here is how the story starts:

I sit down.

I open my laptop up. Start working.

Next to me is a couple that is getting ready to have their first child.

The topic of money, careers, and child’s intelligence comes up. It sounds like he and his wife have never talked about the subject of money. She starts to quiz her husband how all the “so called rich” people they know made their money. Once he identifies someone with money she asks about their job, then what they got their degree in, and from what college.

My thought as this is going on: Jobs and college couldn’t be any less important to becoming RICH! I think how grateful I am to have made every mistake in the book trying to figure out how to become RICH! I think back to the time I was first exposed to the concept of profits versus wages. How I remember the first time I made thousand dollars in a week SELLING opposed to work a hundred hours at potential jobs to earn the same amount of money. How the “average person” never learns about the power of free enterprise in their life.

The couple: She puts out the question: Is our baby going to be smart? Where did your family go to college, will our baby be able to do that? I don’t want our kid not to be stupid.

My thought: Boy oh Boy, I am a lucky kid. I am the stupid kid. I was the kid that was terrible. I was the kid that got terrible grades. Lucky for me my parents put up with my stuff. I even had a kid who thought that I wasn’t college material! Thank god I figured out how to overcome all these problems. Even today I learned to profit from it with an online information business about learning disabilities.

I think you are getting my point! Network Marketing taught me the lesson of the successful people. How different my life would be if I never were exposed to this “other world” that exists. Where people know that if they are 100 percent responsible for their actions they can achieve ANYTHING they want! Even if I never made a dime from business, the education that we learn is WORTH ALL THE TIME AND EFFORT!

What a scary place the world must seem when someone believe everything in life is up to chance. If something bad happens we cannot control how we react.

Now this might seem harsh, but GOSH I am in such a different place from what the average person thinks! I can’t even conceive the thoughts that I over heard tonight. I have such faith in what is possible that thoughts of limiting beliefs and lowering my goals are ALWAYS met with a fight! I ALWAYS remember to have faith matched with hard core anything can be achieved.

Is there a point: Not sure.

Is there a lesson: Absolutely!

You must recognize how grateful you should be to be in network marketing, to know about personal development, and realize how different your life could be if you never were shown another way!

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