Network Marketing on Facebook – How to Use Facebook Properly For Network Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard about Facebook, the popular social networking site. Many network marketers are wanting to leverage Facebook in their business pursuits, but aren’t quite sure how to do it.

There are several ways to use Facebook for profit – the easiest way is with their pay-per click option. Let’s take a look:


The easiest way to get started is to use Facebook’s pay-per-click option. If you select “advertising”, you will be taken to a sign up page where you can create a campaign for direct advertising. The advantage to this is that you are able to target demographics and psycho-graphics that few advertising platforms can offer. What’s more, their user base is growing by the day, which means your market is growing every day.

Some tips to keep in mind are:

- No Replicated Websites. If you try and use your company’s replicated website, you might as well not bother advertising. You need a real website that is designed to get leads or sales if you plan on using FB (or any PPC platform, for that matter).

- Use Relevant, “non-markety” Ads. FB does not allow ads that look like crap. If your ad is “discover how to make lotsa $$$$$$”, your ad will be denied. Give FB too many crappy ads, and they ban your account. Follow their guidelines, and they’ll treat you right.

- Use a bridge page. If you send your traffic directly to your optin site, you run the risk of being shut down. A bridge page is just an intermediary page that the user is taken to after they click your ad. The bridge page connects to your landing page, and that’s how you generate your leads from FB.

The good news with Facebook is that their advertising platform is still dirt-cheap compared to many other advertising networks (Google in particular). Use it properly, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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