Twitter Marketing Service – A Must For Any Company

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Twitter Marketing service is no longer a choice for any internet business, charity induce or political business that’s seriously interested in getting noticed on the internet or web. In order to improve the presence of your online business, cause or political organization, you cannot manage to ignore social media such as Twitter anymore. Since there are tens of thousands of individuals seeing your tweets, clicking on your URL’s and placing you in their folder is one great way of creating organic traffic for long-term success.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allows you to upload short messages of less than 140 characters through various mediums like IM, cell phones and the web. It’s a social element as well. It enables customers to befriend and monitor each other’s messages or updates. What you possess is publishing tool that may be either public or private. It is comparable to an IRC channel though messages are displayed much less rapidly. Some have referred to it as a slower version of internet messengers.

Twitter gives you a fragmented knowledge of views, events, news, ideas and feedback mostly because it is organised to accommodate non-contextual functionality. You can simply follow thousands of users and listen in and enter into conversations conducted among several users at any point. And this is generally the situation. However, Twitter can be definitely used as software to drive out messages that capitalize on the interest you’re receiving through other users. This involves active user engagement. Apart from its use as an info source and advertising device, Twitter is also a communication platform for individuals and their personal social networks. This form of usage is called ambient intimacy. Ambient intimacy is all about being able to keep in touch with individuals with a level of frequency and intimacy that you wouldn’t generally gain access to since time and space conspires to make it not possible. It helps us obtain to know people who might otherwise be only colleagues. It makes us feel closer to people we care for however in whose lives we’re not able to engage in as closely as we would like. Knowing these details creates intimacy.

There have been a lot of content on how Twitter may be used for advertising purposes and many of them may be condensed to the simple intent of tracking and directing attention. Twitter allows you to monitor how influencers imagine or feel. You can also slip into their attention zone through active networking. For companies, Twitter is another channel which links current and potential prospects with your merchandise or brand. It permits deeply infiltration into the lifestyles of interested participants. This helps to build brand persistence and respect.

Twitter marketing service is a task that involves two-way audience engagement, on the part of the marketer or business owner. Somehow, this is a good thing.In its most apparent form, Twitter can be seen as a traffic generation device. The keeping of links within profiles and conversations can direct visitors to a specific website and is specifically powerful if you pitch to first adopters and influencers. As a direct acquisition instrument, it doesn’t always attain the crowd you wish. Most Twitter consumers are relatively web savvy and it is extremely difficult to target a specific subset of the normal group and determine their degree of possible interest.

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Search Engine Marketing For Your Online Business Part 2

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Search engine marketing for your online business is a process and once they get to your website, you better have a great funnel.

There are 3 things that will control the power:

Direct Response-Anything that is created to get more response out of your offer, which is a strong call to action.
Persuasion-Meeting your prospect on common ground, connecting with them and your sales pitch.
Navigation-How a person navigates your website, be conscious of how you are leading them.
The direct response is all about telling someone exactly what you want them to do. If you are building a list tell them how you can be of help, then direct them to put in their name and email address (for example). If you were just telling them about your offer without a call to action, they would be hanging high and dry not knowing exactly what to do next. People want direction, so give it to them!

Persuasion is just what it sounds like. If you have ever been in sales, you have persuaded someone to buy something from you. By the keywords you chose, their intent in their search and your ad copy, they should be ready to buy.

Have you ever landed on a website and you were completely clueless as to where to go? I know I have and its very frustrating. Nothing makes since and you think you are going to a certain tab for a specific reason and apparently the host doesn’t think anything like you.

This gives them a bad experience. The search engines, Google particularly, want their searchers to have a good experience. If they don’t, you will soon be slapped.

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The Demonizing of Network Marketing

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I doubt that there is a more lightening rod issue than network marketing. There seems to be no gray area, no middle ground: you are either for it or against it.

The reality is network marketing in its most basic form is simply another business model to bring products from point “A” (the manufacturer) to point “C” (the consumer). There is nothing involving marketing or business voodoo with that.

As a matter of fact, if manufacturers could go directly to consumers (“A” > “C”) cutting out the middlemen (such as their wholesalers and retailers) wouldn’t they do so? Think of the additional profits they could pocket that must be paid out in getting their products into consumers’ hands.

With nearly 310 million consumers in the US alone, a business model designed to direct ship to each one of us would be impossible. So products flow through a chain involving a point “B” which mostly involves products going through wholesalers and retailers. However, some products (and services) are distributed through another point “B”: we network marketers.

I rarely hear of anyone nearly going into cardiac arrest should you discuss traditional forms of point “B” product distribution (wholesalers and retailers). Frequently I hear of we network marketers being frowned upon principally by family and friends simply because we offer products (or services) directly to consumers which is outside of the traditional channel of product distribution.

You might be the most knowledgeable Beauty Control cosmetic consultant on planet earth having attended many seminars yet your sister-in-law would prefer to get the advice of some bubble gum snapping, part-timer at her local pharmacy’s cosmetic counter. Go figure.

What amazes me more than anything is when we as network marketers are demonized yet traditional forms of marketing and product distribution are not.
When we see a Walmart trailer barreling down the highway loaded with products we all want, do we look at it with disdain? Do we say I had a cousin who’s next door neighbor’s aunt went into one of those Walmart stores and bought enough fishing poles to fill her entire garage and that’s where they sit to this very day? Yet how many times have we heard that I know someone who knew someone who had a cousin who bought enough soap from one of those network marketing companies to fill up his entire garage?

The fact is network marketing is simply a different model to distribute products or services from point “A” (manufacture) to point “C” (consumer). Anyone who has a problem with that: get over it.

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Direct Mail for Bowling Alleys

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Everyone likes to bowl and yet no one will come unless they are in a league or they are invited. Sometimes these customers need a little edge to get in the door you see? How can you get clients and bowlers into your bowling alley establishment and get them hooked on such a wonderful sport?

Well, perhaps a robust yet inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages work very well for bowling alleys. One of the best ways a bowling alley can attract new business is by sending out; two for one discounts.

It is recommended that bowling alley send out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to those households and small businesses within a 15-mile radius. It is best to send them out three to four times per year during non-peak bowling team seasons.

It also makes sense to have discounts for those people who wish to bowl during the middle of the day when the bowling alleys are not as crowded. Perhaps you might consider direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages as part of your marketing and advertising strategy for your bowling alley. It is effective and relatively inexpensive for the results you will receive. Please consider all this in 2006.

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Easily Improve, Track, and Monitor ROI With Powerful Direct-Response Tools

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Return on investment… three tricky words for those who manage the marketing and advertising initiatives for a company or client. After all, response rates and budget optimization are the crux of a successful campaign.

Today, advertising is required to be efficient and meet many expectations; generate leads, optimize budgets and stay ahead of the competition. Advertising also has to be clever, inspiring and unique. Many of these challenges are addressed by creative executives, web designers and the new alternative media gurus. Other challenges, like ensuring strong ROI, are more difficult to overcome for the advertising and marketing executives, but are not un-surmountable.

So how do professionals who manage advertising programs make sure they are implementing a strong campaign? One that tracks ROI in today’s complicated media environment while also producing results? It is easier than you may think if you employ old (the phone) and new (the internet) technology.

First, you need to incorporate a memorable direct-response tool in your advertising and use it as a call-to-action, like a vanity 800 number. When used in advertising, vanity 800 numbers are proven to increase response rates by at least thirty percent (30%). And, according to a recent study by Infosurv, Inc. and eRewards, consumer recall improves up to eight-four percent (84%) with a vanity 800 number in print and outdoor ads, versus a numeric phone number. The study also finds that consumers have a nine times higher recall rate of vanity 800 numbers in radio and television ads, versus a numeric phone number. This simple but powerful response device translates into significantly more leads and sales for your business and will set you on the path to a healthy ROI.

There are many benefits to using an unforgettable phone number as the call-to-action in your advertising. Together, the ads and the response tool establish a strong image in your market segment. For example, almost everyone recognizes the McDonald’s arches while racing by on the highway. The same goes for notable logos like the Nike swoosh. This concept of image recognition translates to your vanity 800 number if it aligns with your brand (e.g., a roofer using 1-800-NEW-ROOF). And, when you place a memorable number in all of your advertisements, business materials (business cards, order forms) and marketing materials (promotional items, yard signs, vehicle signs),it will do the leg-work of identifying your company and maintaining a consistent image in your market(s).

Increasing consumer recall and response rates and generating more leads only gets you halfway down the ROI path. Next, you must analyze those leads so you can re-align your advertising campaigns and spend your media budgets wisely.

To evaluate campaigns you need to have the tools in place to monitor your advertising performance. It is very easy to ask new customers or clients where they heard about you, but it’s not always accurate. Monitor your advertising campaigns based on actual response rates. It’s easy with the call tracking data that you’ll capture on every incoming call to your vanity 800 number.

So, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I know how each incoming lead found my company?
2. Am I able to track my company’s return on advertising dollars effectively and accurately?
3. Do I really know which media outlets are working well, and which ones are draining my budget?

With real-time online call tracking reports advertisers have definitive data to answer these three questions and more. You will gain the ability to build a database of leads for future marketing efforts, analyze campaign results for media budget optimization, and examine a wide range of call data such as cost of calls, missed calls, and markets that produce the most results and bring you the most leads – the markets you should focus on in the future.

Recently a post-secondary career college implemented this two-pronged approach of generating more incoming call traffic and tracking their advertising. After activating a vanity 800 number and featuring the number in their advertising the incoming call volume to the admissions department jumped seventy percent, and in turn produced an identifiable increase in enrollment opportunities for the organization.

The executive director of Cambria-Rowe Business College recently shared with me, “We’ve had the best two years in history since we started using our vanity 800 number. More applications are coming in as a result of our advertising, and I attribute that directly to the vanity number.”

Using the phone number as a direct response and branding tool, the school not only observed an increase in leads, but they are now also able to track their calls and see where they originate. After being approached multiple times by a local magazine to purchase ad space, the magazine’s sales rep switched tactics. The rep convinced the school’s marketing department to test the magazine’s response rates using free ad space. To the school’s surprise the magazine generated the highest return of all other media outlets they had been using. The school admits that they never would have known how valuable the magazine is to them had they not been able to track response with hard data, rather than supposition.

The scenario here demonstrates just how effective advertising with an unforgettable phone number is. It really is that simple. Vanity 800 numbers increase response rates and call tracking data empowers you to monitor advertising performance, learn what works for your business and resonates with your target audience, and gives you the opportunity to improve your ROI.

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Mind Over Content: The New Multi-Channel Marketing Dialogue

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I write in defense of the American consumer. So many direct marketers go about the task of lead generation at a fairly lowbrow level. Past marketing schools of thought have touted the merits of the quintessential “giveaway” to stoke response rates. They have held tightly to the tired image of a consumer sitting by the phone salivating over a free widget, a bonus gadget, or a complimentary thig-a-ma-jig.

RING. RING. RING. The 1990′s called and wants their D-to-C Marketing Plan back! It would behoove all Direct Marketers in 2015 to toss away their old metrics, burn their past assumptions, step out from behind their offer templates, and have a chat with their base… they are far more sophisticated and discerning than you give them credit for.

New consumers are multi-channel, real-time creatures. They are savvy and contemporary. They download, link, chat, post, tweet, connect and share new sources of content faster than we can predictive dial. They really don’t long for gimmicks. What the explosion of review sites, referral networks, and peer-to-peer rankings has taught us is that they crave information; they covet communication; and they very much value the experience of others.

For the first time, the consumer doesn’t really have to “take a chance” on a product or service because they can seek out references and testimonials first-hand. They don’t have to believe your expert because they can put the question out to the airways and get a landslide of unsolicited opinions about the merits or shortcomings of your brand.

So it’s important to have an intelligent conversation about who you are, what you do, and why a prospect should give you their consideration. You must put dynamic and insightful information in their hands… because Information gives them knowledge and knowledge is power. Information also gives them control over their decision making process and that helps them take an action.

The more the consumer knows, the more qualified they are. And, the more qualified they are, the greater their degree of engagement. Why does engagement matter? Ask your sales people, your landing pages, your shopping carts, your order forms… or whatever means you use to convert leads to revenue. Engaged customers are far more likely to not only listen to a product pitch or download more information, but they are your best shot at creating a loyal customer and an invaluable addition to your database.

So whether your product or service can help them grow hair or secure their retirement… lose 10 pounds in 10 days or take away the signs of aging forever, the relevance, authority, and verifiability of what you tell them is the most important thing you can do for your brand this year.

Trust me, today’s consumers are not sitting up at night dreaming about BOGO’s, but they may very well be worried about their life, their health, their future, and the world. Marketing in 2015 has to hit the right note, strike the correct chord, and ring completely true to the end user. And don’t forget the passion… it’s the difference between a good marketing campaign and a truly legendary one.

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3 Direct Mail Ideas For Your Retail Business

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Sending direct mail flyers is critical for retail business development and lead generation. Your direct mail flyer or postcard design must be unique and eye-catching in order to stand out from the abundance of mail in your potential customer’s mailbox. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the mailer is well-designed, and written with effective and engaging copy.

The United States Postal Mail Service receives huge amounts of mail each day, with almost 50% being direct mail advertisements. As a retailer, you should create mailers that can stand out from the rest of the pack and jump straight to the eyes of potential consumers. Distinctive and attractive mailers will always generate the best response rates.

Be Different Stand Out

If you are reading this article, chances are you probably have some vested interest in creating an effective direct mailer. Below, we have compiled a short list of ideas to help your direct mail campaign generate the highest response rate absolutely possible:

· Bold, Simple Headlines: This is the first point of contact in which your mailer has the opportunity to capture the potential customer’s attention. For best results, try to use action words, state the message clearly and offer an incentive if applicable.

· Use Unique Formats: These include, but are not limited to, paper items, calendars, post-it-notes, or notepads that contain your company’s contact information and branded logo. A common example of this – a popular tool manufacturer (who’s target market is professional mechanics) circulates an annual calendar featuring pictures of scantily clad female models. What does this have to do with tools? Nothing! But it does allow the manufacturer to keep their brand name to be in front of their target customers where they interact with their products, thus, effective advertising.

· Offer an Incentive: Offer something that your potential customers can use, but not your actual product or service. T-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, hats, etc., all branded with your company logo and information. Take advantage of the free advertising your target market will give ultimately give you by using your promotional gift.

· Use Sealed Mailers: Seal the envelope or mailer to accentuate the special offer or message waiting for the potential customer inside. This can create a sense of exclusivity for the receiving party, which can translate into a higher response when compared to its unsealed counterpart.

Remember KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

Customers want direct and simple messages when interested in a product or service. Design your mailer to be short, concise, and eye-catching. Utilizing simple, attractive color combinations assure that your mail will stand out among the clutter. The real idea is to show a provocative and engaging message that your potential customers can relate to. Also, be sure to include any and all contact information regarding the product and/or service you are offering.

Most importantly, use these ideas to spark your inner creativity and help you captivate your target audience through a well-designed direct mail campaign.

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Have You Considered Whether Direct Selling Right For You?

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According to a credible source ‘Direct Selling’ is defined as: “the sale of a product or service, from one individual to another, away from a fixed retail location. These products or services are marketed through independent sales representatives or independent contractors. Direct sellers are not employees of any particular company; they market and sell the products or services of a company in return for a commission on those sales.”

• Four in five (82%) of direct sellers have been with their current direct selling company for one year or more, and 47% for five years or more.
• 89% of direct sellers rate their personal experience in direct selling as excellent, very good, or good.
• 84% of direct sellers say that direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations as a good way to supplement their income, make a little extra money for themselves, or completely replace their current income.
• 91% of direct sellers say that direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations as a business where the harder they work the more money they can make.
• Virtually every consumer product or service can be purchased through direct selling.
• In the U.S. market alone, direct sales represent a $30 billion a year industry, providing nearly 16 million independent sales people with the opportunity to achieve personal and financial goals.
• Direct sellers are independent contractors by virtue of section 3508 of the U.S. tax code.
• Legitimate direct selling companies seek to make money with you as you build your business (and theirs) by selling real products and or services.

You may be wondering how to start; well that would be by choosing a company whose products/services appeal to you. It is suggested that in order to be successful it is important to choose products or services that you use and enjoy yourself, and that you really believe in. Set realistic goals for yourself because your success depends on your hard work.

Direct selling offers one of the finest entrepreneurial skill building opportunities in the world and many people discover that what they learn while creating such a home-based business of their own impacts their lives in ways they never dreamed of.

It is essential to understand that despite your goals, whether as supplemental income or as a full-time career, being an independent contractor is not easy income and you will not get rich quick. Success is only achieved by applying commitment and hard work with resourcefulness and determination.

Surveys show that independent contractors choose this method because they take pleasure in being their own boss which allows them to set uniquely flexible hours that accommodate other priorities such as family.

The beauty in this method of earning is that it’s open to anyone and everyone, regardless of experience, social status, or education level, and it’s the only industry where women earn dollar for dollar what men earn.

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4 Tips For Making Your Direct Mail Campaign A Real Success

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Direct mail campaign is one of the best ways to attract customers either new or old. However, some store owners find this kind of campaign a bit complicated. But if you study and get yourself familiarized with this marketing strategy, you’ll surely do better the next time you launch a campaign.

Here are some tips that can lead to your success and help you achieve higher investment returns:

• Try to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your direct marketing campaign. Do you want to have more patrons or do you just want to keep the existing ones and give them more bonuses and incentives for the loyalty they have showed to your business? Knowing about what you prioritize the most can let you save more money than not having any focus at all. Having a clear vision and one single goal can surely increase the success rate of the mailing campaign that you’re launching.

• Email users give more importance to the emails sent by friends or relatives, so mostly they don’t waste their time reading direct mails. More often than not, these mails are just deleted or left unread by the targeted clients. So for you to have a more successful campaign; try to give your mail a personal touch to catch readers’ attention and for them to feel more valued. You can also share your personal story like how did you start the business or how did your market come to be? In this way, your targeted clients will feel that they are much closer or feel like they can relate to you better, compared to the other online stores that sent them the same direct mails.

• Who doesn’t love to get discounts and freebies? I think everyone gets excited just by the thought. So, take advantage of this. Offer these things to your customers for them to be lured in availing your products and services and also promote what you’re offering to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. This is a great way to increase the popularity of your business and make a lot of people know that your business exist through word of mouth.

• When you do direct mail marketing, never forget to point out the different strengths of your products and the advantages in availing the different services you’re offering. Point out on the achievements and the gains that the consumers can get and some positive comments with regards to the quality of your merchandise. This will give your targeted clients an idea about your products and services and how competitive these things are compared to the others. But while doing this, keep things in a neutral ground so that readers would not think that all those things written are not really true and it is just actually your ego talking.

These are just simple tips but when executed properly, they will surely boost the efficacy of your direct marketing strategy.

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Affiliate Marketing Sucks

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Something has been stuck in my craw for a while… and I can’t keep quiet about it anymore. Wanna know what’s got me all tensed up like a tightly coiled spring? All these people constantly hitting me up to promote their product launches. They’re so damn arrogant about it. First of all, in almost all cases, I make more money promoting my own products. So what incentive do I have to promote their products? In almost all cases there is none.

They never tell me WIIFM. (What’s in it for ME!) They just expect me to jump on board. But the thing that REALLY frosts my cute little tush (well, according to my wife it’s cute) is how these people expect me to just fall in line and drop everything I’m doing to promote their stuff on THEIR launch schedule. Look, I’ve got my own stuff planned and scheduled according to MY schedule… selling stuff that makes me a helluva lot more money. How incredibly arrogant it is to assume I’m just going to shove my own plans and schedule aside to promote some affiliate product.

And it’s getting ridiculous. There are new product launches almost weekly now. If I agreed to all the deals I get hit up for I’d never have the time to promote my own stuff. And once you do it for one person, all your other “friends” (who are in reality business acquaintances you hardly know) try to use the friend angle to get you in on THEIR launch. “You did it for so-and-so… why won’t you do it for me? Waa… waaa!” Since I’m killing your precious affiliate marketing sacred cow today… let me tell you something that will REALLY get your panties in a bind… Relying on affiliate marketing as a significant part of your customer acquisition or marketing plan is…

Absolutely Bone-Headed Stupid!

And sooner or later you’re going to regret it. Why? Actually, there are several reasons… First of all, 95% of your affiliates will never do ANYTHING! You’re wasting a gawd-awful amount of time, money and resources trying to sign people up as affiliates… and you’re wasting even more valuable resources trying to get them to do something. They’re not gonna do it… and you’re completely delusional to even expect them to do anything.

Which brings me to the most important reason why affiliate marketing sucks…

We are direct response marketers. (Yes, I know you have an exclusively online business. You’re STILL a direct response marketer. You just stupidly choose to restrict your direct response business to only one medium. I’ll NEVER understand that, by the way.) As direct response marketers, the marketing systems we develop are supposed to be predictable and reliable. We should know that investing “X” amount of time, money and energy in a campaign will deliver “Y” results. And we should be able to get almost the exact same results each and every time. Now what, pray tell, is predictable and reliable about using affiliates to sell your products?


One of my friends just lost 90% of his business overnight because his biggest affiliate petered out for one reason or another. Think about it… you’re relying on other people for the success of your business. If you truly understood how few people ever do anything… you would be in absolute horror about your dependence on others. If your business plan depends on your affiliates doing something… you’re in big trouble. I learned something very important recently while going through the process of selling a direct response business.

The systems you have in place that consistently, predictably and reliably bring in customers and sales are what really increase the value of your business to a potential buyer. A big e-mail list of freebie-seeking moochers isn’t very valuable to a buyer. An affiliate program with 3% of them somewhat active isn’t very valuable either. They’re not stable, predictable or reliable systems. But a big active snail mail customer list that you mail offers to once a month and has a great ROI… now that is VERY valuable. In fact, THAT is your most valuable asset and is the FIRST thing a knowledgeable direct response marketer will look at when determining the value of your business.

A direct mail promotion with records of ROI when mailed to various lists… now, THAT is valuable… AND predictable and reliable. Your affiliates… eh. Your affiliates are just gravy. It’s great if they bring in some business but you shouldn’t count on it. And if your affiliate program is a big part of your customer acquisition, then you shouldn’t rest until you get more predictable and reliable campaigns and systems in place. Because you’re one minor little glitch away from being out of business.

Now I’m REALLY going to piss some people off…

The reason you have problems like this is because you’ve been listening to the Internet Marketing gurus. And they’re completely clueless about the history of our business. (Except Ken McCarthy of The System Seminar. He’s a mail order master who has successfully transferred that to the Internet. And one of the very few Internet Marketing gurus who is the REAL deal.)

If you really want to figure out how to most effectively market your products and services… online AND offline… you need to study the old mail order masters. Guys like Gary Halbert, Joseph Cossman, E. Haldeman Julius, the Thomas Hall Direct Mail Guides (Halbert’s mentor), Ted Nicholas, Robert Collier, Melvin Powers, Eugene Schwartz, Dick Benson, and others. The current gaggle of gurus has never even heard of those people, let alone STUDY them. And you’ve been learning from people who have never taken the time to study the true masters.

Hell, I spoke to a guy recently who teaches online marketing and he said, “I think I might try some direct marketing soon.” He’s a TEACHER of this stuff and he doesn’t even realize he’s using direct marketing! So go back and study the mail order masters… not the “guru of the month”. You’ll be much better grounded in the timeless principles of marketing… and you’ll have a much more successful business to show for it. Thanks for letting me rant a little bit today. All the best, Doberman Dan

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