The Demonizing of Network Marketing

I doubt that there is a more lightening rod issue than network marketing. There seems to be no gray area, no middle ground: you are either for it or against it.

The reality is network marketing in its most basic form is simply another business model to bring products from point “A” (the manufacturer) to point “C” (the consumer). There is nothing involving marketing or business voodoo with that.

As a matter of fact, if manufacturers could go directly to consumers (“A” > “C”) cutting out the middlemen (such as their wholesalers and retailers) wouldn’t they do so? Think of the additional profits they could pocket that must be paid out in getting their products into consumers’ hands.

With nearly 310 million consumers in the US alone, a business model designed to direct ship to each one of us would be impossible. So products flow through a chain involving a point “B” which mostly involves products going through wholesalers and retailers. However, some products (and services) are distributed through another point “B”: we network marketers.

I rarely hear of anyone nearly going into cardiac arrest should you discuss traditional forms of point “B” product distribution (wholesalers and retailers). Frequently I hear of we network marketers being frowned upon principally by family and friends simply because we offer products (or services) directly to consumers which is outside of the traditional channel of product distribution.

You might be the most knowledgeable Beauty Control cosmetic consultant on planet earth having attended many seminars yet your sister-in-law would prefer to get the advice of some bubble gum snapping, part-timer at her local pharmacy’s cosmetic counter. Go figure.

What amazes me more than anything is when we as network marketers are demonized yet traditional forms of marketing and product distribution are not.
When we see a Walmart trailer barreling down the highway loaded with products we all want, do we look at it with disdain? Do we say I had a cousin who’s next door neighbor’s aunt went into one of those Walmart stores and bought enough fishing poles to fill her entire garage and that’s where they sit to this very day? Yet how many times have we heard that I know someone who knew someone who had a cousin who bought enough soap from one of those network marketing companies to fill up his entire garage?

The fact is network marketing is simply a different model to distribute products or services from point “A” (manufacture) to point “C” (consumer). Anyone who has a problem with that: get over it.

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