Two Huge Challenges For Affiliate Marketers

For many people, learning of Affiliate Marketing is extremely exciting. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and without a lot of capital to open a business, the possibilities seem almost endless. At first glance, Affiliate Marketing seems pretty simple. In fact, the concepts ARE simple. However, like so many things in life, while the concepts are “simple”, the implementation of those concepts is not “easy”.

Many many people dive into the murky river of Affiliate Marketing full of excitement but soon find they’re in over their heads! Why is that? The purpose of this article is to identify two of the reasons so many would-be affiliate marketers end up throwing in the towel instead of raking in the money.

Dabblers Beware

Creating a successful business online is the same as creating a successful business offline. I almost called this section “It’s a Business, Dummy!”. That may be a little harsh, but if you’re what I call an online business dabbler, hoping to find your pot of gold handed to you by your own personal rainbow, you need to wake up as quickly as possible (before you’ve spent umpteen dollars with nothing to show for it).

To create a business from scratch requires courage, knowledge, vision, planning, determination and lots of hard work. And it takes time. There are two motivations common to most people which the prospect of an internet business seems to bring out. Those two motivations are GREED and LAZINESS. Most of the ads for products I see play on those emotions. No selling. Just 30 minutes a day. Two clicks and 5K in 5 days! You know what I’m talking about.

Lack of Focus

I mentioned above the phrase “the possibilities seem almost endless”. That’s potentially another HUGE problem for most people. There are so many questions to answer, like: What niche(s) should I sell in?, What products should I market?, Who can I trust?, What “guru” should I listen to?, and the list goes on.

There are so many voices asking you to buy their particular potion, use their particular products, follow their particular path to success. Many of these voices seem authentic, sincere and authoritative (and some of them are). But who to believe? Which direction to follow?

What many do is follow one voice for a while, then get drawn in a different direction from another voice, then a third direction from what seems even more state-of-the-art, and on and on and on. This flitting from one plan to another can be deadly to even the most positive-minded entrepreneur. If you are to build your business, you MUST make choices and stick to them.

There Is Hope!

I’ve outlined two HUGE obstacles to success as an affiliate marketer. However, I do not mean to discourage. I’m merely trying to bring into focus two real issues you should know about so you can take appropriate action to avoid them.

If you’re a dabbler, and hoping you will find a way to make it rich with little effort – you are going to be much better off buying lottery tickets than messing around with Affiliate Marketing. And if you’re prone to flitting from one idea to the next, you must exercise every ounce of will power to stop doing that.

Make your choices wisely and don’t look back. Once you’ve mastered success in ONE niche, and with ONE product, and with ONE method of driving traffic – then you can go on to the next. But not until then.

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